A search marketer’s view on Facebook ads

This post by Glenn Engler on DigiDay Daily titled, Facebook Fans are Worthless motivated me to update my neglected blog with my own two cents. I agree with the post on many levels except, perhaps, the title. I don’t like making blanket statements about one specific tactic, I just don’t. Online trends come and go, but the following statements will never be true: Email marketing is dead Search marketing offers

What is paid social?

That was Then I’ve been a PPC marketer, almost exclusively, for about five years. Before that I managed online media including paid search and before that (in the late 90’s early 00’s), I was an SEO/copyeditor who occasionally booked travel and answered phones for my boss. So that’s how I got my start…SEO, which led to developing online media plans (somehow) which ultimately led to me running an online marketing