Why Search Is Special

Advertisers are extremely thrilled when search works because it REALLY works, but baffled and discouraged when it fails. The core misunderstanding of how to manage search and why it should be managed differently is why it fails. Search is special because: It is technology and media – not one or the other. The reason search works is because there’s a technological machine on the back end of things matching ads

Okay, no, search isn’t sexy

I’ve been sitting in a lot of marketing meetings lately. The kind where clients demand the “big idea” from agency participants and look to the online media team to come up with something magical. Only I’m not really a full-fledged member of the online media team. I don’t peddle banners, or Flash apps or ultra dynamic, mobile, viral, streaming, Web 2.0, wrap-a-round branded skins. I peddle 95 character text ads