Learn with Google – Recap Part Deux

Okay, people, LET’S TALK TACTICS. Learn With Google happened nearly two weeks ago (and I’m still loving my Android tablet), and it’s high time I recapped some of the great thing things I learned for the benefit of my ones of readers. Ah Ha Moment #1: Test Conversion Optimizer On Display Briefly, in case you don’t know, Google’s Conversion Optimizer is a setting that can be applied at the campaign

This just in, Google has too much time on its hands

I’d just like to say thank YOU very much Google, for making me think I had a horrible virus which was somehow turning the Google brand name into the strange and foreign-sounding word…Topeka. Why do I fall for this crap every year? I may just have to make Bing my new home page. You heard me right. Oh, just WATCH me! *grumbles off*