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Web Metrics Reporting

Online marketing introduces a unique combination of left brain/right brain factors. Marketing to people online is all about language and communication, but it’s also about impressions, clicks, sales and ROI.

Since everything you do online is extremely measurable, understanding your web site metrics is a crucial part of developing a successful online marketing strategy. That’s why I’ve listed Web Metrics Reporting as a separate service, even though it’s also integrated with just about every other service I offer.

I work with my clients to help analyze their web traffic reports and integrate traffic data with campaign data (if applicable). I also teach clients how to sift through the vast amount of metrics to get to what’s important. I love taking numbers and turning them into illustrated stories. Here’s an example of some slides I put together for various clients.

Graph: Top Referring Sites
A graph of the top referrers for one of my client’s Web sites which clearly shows they are way too dependent on Google organic search for their web site traffic.

Mobile Device Usage Graph

This graph uses visual elements to demonstrate how many people are accessing my client’s site using mobile devices, and what their level of engagement is for each device.

Analytics Location Report
I used this graph to demonstrate to a local retailer that they were getting sales throughout the U.S., in spite of the fact that they did not have a national strategy in place.

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