Digital Marketing Consulting

I provide a range of services to clients who need online marketing help. This manifests itself in several ways.

  1. For small, local businesses (flower shops, small boutiques, doctors, lawyers, etc.)  I typically provide some level of online and search marketing training and consulting.
  2. For mid-to-large sized businesses, I often take a full-service approach to online planning and managing either for the business, or for a product (or products) within the business.
  3. For many of my clients I fall somewhere between a consultant and a full-service solution. I don’t believe in locking clients into long-term contracts with fixed scopes. Business models change, goals change, needs change – this is why I offer complete flexibility and scalability.

I am the ultimate un-agency!

If you work with me, you are working with a small consultant (that means you get my full attention), but I have experience working with nearly two dozen agencies, so I really – I mean REALLY – understand the industry. I also employ subcontractors which expands my capabilities and enables me to outsource some of the more repetitive tasks so I can focus on the stuff I’m best at – namely, planning and strategy.

My digital marketing services cover a broad range of key marketing initiatives, including:

  • Strategic campaign planning across paid search and online display
  • Creative optimization
  • Agency and budget management
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Content marketing strategy and copywriting

I have a strong background in direct response advertising using paid search, online display, and inbound marketing. I can work directly with you as your outsourced digital marketing specialist or be part of your larger team to help drive all online direct response campaigns.

Online marketing management services may include (but are not limited to:)

Strategic planning
I work with you to help translate your business strategy into campaign-level tactics that deliver targeted traffic and leads. This process involves ongoing communication in the form of on-site meetings and/or phone conferences.

Campaign Management
I work with your marketing staff to develop and maintain effective and efficient online marketing campaigns, and provide ongoing support in the management, optimization and reporting of the live media.

Paid Search Management
This is an area of particular expertise for me. I can set-up, schedule and implement paid search campaigns in key primary (Google, Yahoo/Bing) and secondary search engines. I do not outsource PPC management – I do it all in house. My clients always own their PPC accounts which means they maintain the logins and pay the engines directly. I act as a third party manager only, which means that when you are ready to take your campaign in house or move to a different vendor, your campaign goes with you.

I have developed a customized reporting and analysis process to assist with optimization and management of paid search and display campaigns. I am proficient with web analytics and measurement tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords, and pivot tables excite me. Multiple data sources don’t scare me – I’ve often combined metrics from search marketing, web traffic tools ad sales tracking tools like Sales Force into one meaningful report.

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