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Paid search is a powerful tool, but only if it’s done correctly and watched closely. I am an independent consultant with over sixteen years of digital marketing expertise managing Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads. I’m also a premiere Google partner, so I really understand the nuances of the Google Ads platform.

I can help if:

You don’t know where to begin

Google Ads can be overwhelming. The thought of getting started and putting money into something that’s untested for you or your business without understanding the nuances of how to build and launch a campaign tends to dissuade small businesses from even trying. I am happy to provide a free one hour consultation to explain the basics of paid search, and how it can work for your business.

You’ve tried Google Ads in the past and it’s gone nowhere

If you’ve launched a Google Ads campaign in the past, or are currently managing a live campaign, and it’s not performing the way you want – let me take a look. I can provide some valuable feedback about your campaign (even if it’s no longer active). My Google Ads campaign reviews typically take a few hours and I provide you with detailed recommendations regarding campaign performance (and improvement). Send me an email to learn more.

You want someone to handle the WHOLE thing

For most of my clients – I act as their internal paid search manager, albeit from afar. Contact me today and I’ll discuss your needs, and provide you with an estimate.

Google Ads Campaign Creation & Launch Includes

  • Keyword list development and grouping
  • Ad copy creation including the development of one responsive search ad per ad group
  • Account setup on Google Ads (or optimization/review if you have an existing account)
  • Ad extension creation, where applicable
  • Budget estimate/recommendation and setup
  • Campaign posting and launch
  • Setup of goal/conversion tracking

Google Ads Management Includes

  • Creation of a dashboard report using Google Data Studio and/or Excel
  • Keyword and quality score optimization
  • Bid/budget management
  • Ad copy and landing page testing
  • Monthly reporting and client calls


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