I take a hands on, extremely customized approach to working with clients. While each client relationship is unique and dependent on client needs and goals, my approach is fairly consistent.

Strategic Online Planning
Strategic Online Planning

I have over twelve years of  Internet marketing experience working with clients and projects of all different sizes. I also have a comprehensive understanding of the online space including trends, tools and best practices. Leveraging this expertise, I work with my clients to help them determine where they stand within the online space compared to their competitors and where their opportunities lie. My client engagements begin with a comprehensive review of their web site (or sites), competitors’ sites, goals and expectations along with a thorough review of all marketing initiatives – online and off.


Web Traffic Analysis
Web Traffic AnalysisI’m a left brain/right brain thinker. I love to look at data, but only because it tells a story, so don’t be surprised when I immediately ask to get my hands on your analytics. Even if all you need from me is some training and insight into how to best optimize an existing search campaign, I’m still going to want to look at your traffic data. But don’t worry, if you’re not already using a tool like Google Analytics, I can help you set that up and provide guidance on what actions you should be tracking to get the most out of your online media dollars.

Online Marketing Management
Online Marketing Management After reviewing your’ competition, industry trends and individual web site metrics, I’ll begin to develop a plan of action. My typical approach is to present this to clients with a few different options for implementation. I can implement the recommendations directly (e.g.,, by launching a paid search campaign) or via my network of agency partners and consultants. I’m also happy to present my recommendations while leaving the implementation to the client (I can provide a bit of oversight and training, if needed). The key here is flexibility – I really strive to partner with my clients rather than just act as a vendor or consultant.



A bit more about paid search
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google, Yahoo and other search engines – also called paid search marketing, SEM and paid search, is my specialty. I can provide full-service paid search support including campaign creation, launch and management. I’m also an experienced trainer, and have worked with many small businesses to help them learn the nuances of managing paid search, while enabling them to bring search in-house and move away from dependency on an agency.

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