Essential Info About the Yahoo-Bing Transition for PPC Advertisers

Change is hard, folks. I know it. You know it. But we can’t put off the inevitable any longer. It’s time to deal with the Yahoo/Microsoft search alliance and the upcoming impact it has on your PPC campaigns. I’m going to stay away from the organic side of things, but here’s a handy post on Yahoo’s blog that provides more info on that if you want to dig in. First,

An Essential PPC Marketing Checklist

Keyword advertising on Google, Yahoo and other search engines is paid media. But I think new advertisers often fail to plan for this expense, particularly if they’re planning to spend less than $1000/month. But even $50/month adds up – that’s $600 after a year! (hooray for grade school math!!) Why give Google any money at all if you don’t plan to maximize your investment in the traffic you’re paying for?

Okay, no, search isn’t sexy

I’ve been sitting in a lot of marketing meetings lately. The kind where clients demand the “big idea” from agency participants and look to the online media team to come up with something magical. Only I’m not really a full-fledged member of the online media team. I don’t peddle banners, or Flash apps or ultra dynamic, mobile, viral, streaming, Web 2.0, wrap-a-round branded skins. I peddle 95 character text ads