Case Studies

#1: Content-Heavy Editorial Site – B2C

Challenge: A newly launched consumer oriented Web site needed to drive 100K visitors to the site to increase interest from potential advertisers. The Adwords campaign was already launched, but it was essentially dead in the water because the bids had been set too low and the keywords were too broad – the perfect recipe for achieving a very poor quality score.

Campaign Goals: I was hired to bring the Adwords campaign to life. My goal was to achieve 100,000 visits (clicks) from Adwords in six weeks at a CPC of .15 or lower. Monthly budget was roughly 20K.

Strategy: The first order of business was to launch a fresh Adwords account with newly rebuilt campaigns. I removed the broadest of keywords and broke the campaign down into bite-sized ad groups that were highly targeted to the site’s wide variety of content. I also cloned all keyword campaigns and launched them on Google’s content network, setting the content CPC lower than the keyword CPC.

Results: A picture is worth a thousand words on this one.

Outcome: In September 2008, the site had received just under 100 clicks from Adwords. After I began working on the campaign in October, traffic increased dramatically. The bulk of this was driven by a series of content-targeted campaigns created by stemming out a vast array of categories. The site received just under 41,000 clicks in October at a CPC of .21 – so not quite the goal of .15 or less, but quality score needed to be maintained. The site received nearly 71,000 visits in November – this was helped by introducing Yahoo into the mix. CPC in November was .18 – closer to goal. The campaign budget was cut drastically in December, but I fully believe we would’ve achieved over 100K clicks at the .15/click goal if it hadn’t.

Bonus! This site was named the number one site in its category by Comscore in December 2008 and January 2009 and the client felt the Adwords campaign was a huge success.

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