Five Things You Should Do Before Launching a Paid Search Campaign

Paid search is a do-it-yourself medium. It takes literally five minutes to set up an AdWords account, fund it, create your first campaign and launch. Google, in particular, has been aggressively targeting small businesses by providing $100 coupons and vouchers through hosting companies and ISPs, as well as reaching out directly to small businesses. For all of the above reasons, as well as the continued pressure to find new leads

Infographic: Peering into the mind of a searcher

What do you get when you marry search statistics with really cool graphics? THIS: Here’s a summary of what I find most interesting: 46% of searchers fall into the “give me exactly what I asked for category” – this speaks volumes for ensuring that your content is supremely relevant to the keywords you’re bidding on. I also found it very interesting that one of the top categories for this is

Your Campaign is Doomed from the Start If…

Words of advice. Words of experience. Heed them, or you will strangle your lovely PPC flower before it ever has a chance to bloom. Your campaign is doomed from the start if… Your daily budget is carved up into too many $8/day or $10/day campaigns. For the love of all that is holy, allocate more funds to fewer campaigns You’ve loaded your geographically and budget-constrained campaign with hundreds of broad

Learn with Google – Recap Part Deux

Okay, people, LET’S TALK TACTICS. Learn With Google happened nearly two weeks ago (and I’m still loving my Android tablet), and it’s high time I recapped some of the great thing things I learned for the benefit of my ones of readers. Ah Ha Moment #1: Test Conversion Optimizer On Display Briefly, in case you don’t know, Google’s Conversion Optimizer is a setting that can be applied at the campaign

Learn With Google Recap

Yesterday I attended a “Learn with Google” event in Miami and boy howdy did I come away with a lot of ideas to implement and test. I also learned how the other half lives. You know, the half with dedicated reps who love them and pay attention to them. ASIDE: I’m beginning to feel a bit like a Google stalker here. PAY ATTENTION TO ME. Love Me. LOVE MEEEE! So,

You don’t need me anymore, or do you?

This post by Larry Kim of Certified Knowledge got me thinking about the disparity between PPC budgets, and how much time people spend obsessing over their PPC campaigns and what it all means for me, a third party PPC consultant. I mean, it’s all about me, isn’t it? Or is it? To sum up: Larry states that not all AdWords campaigns are created equal (budget-wise). As such, you can’t expect

PPC Confessional: What Sex Toys Taught Me about Paid Search

Did I get your attention? No? How about now: That is the logo of the best client I’ve ever worked with, and I’m not just saying that for brownie points because, alas, my time with them is finally coming to an end (as of October). First a short background. Babeland sells sex toys at four brick and mortar locations (three in New York and one in Seattle) and via their

A quick, easy way to monitor quality score and minimum bid changes

So, am I the only one who thinks that Google needs to provide advertisers with a way to easily compare quality score and minimum bid changes via a convenient report within AdWords? I can’t be the ONLY one! I finally decided to do this myself and I’m so excited with the results, that I want to share them with you, my ones of fans. This requires a bit more than

A search marketer’s view on Facebook ads

This post by Glenn Engler on DigiDay Daily titled, Facebook Fans are Worthless motivated me to update my neglected blog with my own two cents. I agree with the post on many levels except, perhaps, the title. I don’t like making blanket statements about one specific tactic, I just don’t. Online trends come and go, but the following statements will never be true: Email marketing is dead Search marketing offers

10 (Paid) Search Marketing Predictions for 2011

Google will get rid of live employees entirely. AdWords customer service will be provided by heavily interlinked, redundant help files which give only vague, cursory explanations and ultimately link back to old Webmasterworld.com forum posts (thus resolving any and all issues). Microsoft Adcenter will collapse under the continued strain of absorbing all of Yahoo’s keyword advertisers. After several weeks of complete confusion and chaos, ad serving will resume via the