Launching a digital media campaign? Here’s an essential pre-launch checklist

It’s easier than ever to launch digital ads on sites like Facebook, Google and Bing. Their self-serve platforms were created with small advertisers in mind. But whether you plan on spending $500 a month on digital ads or $50,000 – there are some essential steps you should take before you flip the “on” switch to make sure you get the most out of your budget, no matter its size. Establish

Explaining Paid Search to Everyone’s Mom, Including Mine (Updated for 2018)

When I’m in mixed (non-search-geek) company, the question of work occasionally comes up. The conversation generally goes something like this. Me: Hi Kristine, I haven’t spoken to you in so long! How have you been? Kristine: Great – I’m just finishing up my degree in [insert tangible career choice here] Me: How wonderful that you’re studying [something concrete and easily relatable] Kristine: Thank you! I’m very excited! [awkward pause]. So,

5 Classic Signs Your AdWords Campaign Suffers from Neglect

In 2002 when AdWords was still a relatively new phenomenon, Google’s revenue was roughly 400 million dollars (as reported by Statista). Now, thirteen years later, AdWords is practically a household name (if your house happens to be an ad agency). In 2015, Google’s revenue was over 74 billion dollars – and that number will likely increase this year. This revenue is made up largely of ad sales.A So, since 2002,

The Futility of Overwork

My 13-year-old daughter approached me a few months ago and said she was having an existential crisis. Apparently she’d been binge watching The Office to such an extent that she had seen Pam go from a single receptionist, to a married sales associate with two children, in the span of three months – all at the same job. Our conversation went something like this. “She’s still there – at a

All We Are Saying, Is Give Bing a Chance…

I’ve recently found myself in the not-so-unique position of trying to convince a client to test out keyword advertising on Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo). After over a decade running campaigns on all three of the top search engines (remember when Bing and Yahoo were two separate platforms?), I know that it works for some people some of the time. I feel it’s at least worth a test. So how can

The Benefit of Planning

When I first started out in the digital marketing world, there was a disconnect between the agency side of the business and the client side. The agency was frenetic, fast paced, and burn-the-midnight-oil intense because of deadlines (real or imagined) that HAD to be met no matter what (I still cringe at the concept of arbitrary deadlines). Clients seemed more relaxed, prone to leaving work at a luxurious 5 or

An Army of (not) One

An article by Saya Weissman titled, “Why it’s not such a bad thing to get fired from your agency job,” caught my attention today. I read it with a lot of snorting and nodding (good thing I work from home). I’ve been self-employed for twelve years which (as I gaze out the window of my home office at the rapidly receding snow on my lawn) feels like kind of forever.

Dear Doctor, You’re Doing it Wrong – Paid Search for Physicians

The changing healthcare landscape has contributed to the need for more and more physicians to reach beyond their advertising comfort zone (namely print media and occasional radio spots), and try to find people online. To this end, search engines are a logical venue for physician advertising. According to PewInternet.org’s latest healthcare study, 85% of U.S. adults use the Internet and 72% say they’ve looked for health info online within the

PPC Budget

FAQ: How much should you spend on paid search?

Welcome to the first post in my new blog category, “frequently asked questions.” Aren’t you excited? I know I am! My very first question comes at me at least twice a week from various sources, so it makes sense to address it once and for all. How much should you spend on paid search? It pains me to write this on my blog almost as much as it pains me

Prepare for Landing

A recent post on Search Engine Land titled, “Death to the Cliche Landing Page” by Scott Brinker got me thinking about a few recent conversations I’ve had with business owners who are interested in testing paid search, but haven’t put much thought into creating an ideal landing experience for their site visitors. In his post, Mr. Brinker notes that great content does not necessarily translate into the optimal conversion generating