Buzzword Free Zone


Internet marketing is confusing enough without cluttering it up with a lot of extra vocabulary words. That’s why I try to avoid all vague buzzword-riddled jargon in favor of using plain English. In my book, low-hanging fruit should imply delicious, ripe apples, but never people.

It’s important to understand your audience in a way that moves beyond buzzwords and cliches. People tend to see through superficial platitudes and marketing-speak online. That’s why companies that take the time to develop solid customer outreach do well. Take Zappos, for example. The CEO responds to people directly via Twitter. The company offers amazing customer service and has pretty much written the book on product reviews.

I mean, it’s very possible that someone on the marketing team over at Zappos has uttered the words “low-hanging fruit” when discussing their customers, but hopefully someone else kicked him under the table and he never did that again. I certainly don’t feel like a piece of fruit when I shop there. I feel like a valued customer. I know I can return shoes that don’t fit with very little hassle, and I know to expect quick delivery of high quality products.

The point is – digital marketing, if done well, should reach the right people at the right time and make these people feel like valued customers. Advertising on search engines and websites is only part of this process. Your website, social media presence and the way you interact with your customers online should all factor into a successful digital marketing strategy.

So, while I definitely consider myself “results-oriented” and “ROI-focused,” I’ll refrain from subjecting you to a litany of meaningless words if I ever get you on the phone. I’d rather hear about you, anyway.

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