Who Am I?

Jacqueline DooleyTwelve Thousand LLC was founded in 2002 by Jacqueline Dooley, an online marketing expert with over twelve years of experience, much of that focused on search marketing. I work primarily with small to mid-sized businesses to help expand their Web presence and drive qualified traffic to their website or sites.

  • I am a Certified AdWords Professional with over fifteen years of online marketing experience, much of that focused in the area of paid search – please read Google’s Disclosure Document for detailed information about working with a Google third-party partner.
  • I have been a SEMPO member since 2006 and contributed a full training module to SEMPO’s Advanced Search Advertising Course.
  • I am a former Search Engine Strategies Speaker (SES is the industry’s premiere search marketing conference attended by thousands of search industry and marketing professionals)
  • I’ve got thirteen years of dedicated paid search experience working on dozens of campaigns for many clients, large and small. I’ve also consulted with at least 12 different agencies – this gives me a lot of insight into PPC best practices and process.

Why 12,000?

Why not? There are twelve thousand reasons I chose this name, but mostly it’s because that’s the average number of words I manage in a given campaign.

How many terms are in your vocabulary? 12,000? How many are in your customers’?

Online marketing is about language. We watch television. We listen to the radio. We read magazines. But we go online to interact, communicate and learn.

If you’re a business owner, it is important for you to understand this about the Web. People want to find you and to do that, they dip into their store of 12,000 words and do a search on Google. Or they stop by Facebook and ask their 12,000 friends for the best car dealer in town, or they visit YouTube and sift through 12,000 videos for the perfect tutorial on how to roast a turkey.

Where do I come in?

I work with clients to help them navigate what seems like an endless amount of options to advertise online (or, at the very least, 12,000 options). My services include website assessment, website analytics review and analysis, online marketing strategy and planning, paid search planning, management and training.

I have a ridiculous amount of experience managing paid search campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook, but I also have a solid background that includes website copywriting, broader web marketing strategy and media planning. I like to teach people what I know, and provide extensive training to clients who want to learn all this stuff and manage it in house.

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