Web Marketing Help
Need some help demystifying the web? Just want to get your site to show up on Google Maps? Wondering what all the hullabaloo about Twitter and Facebook is for? Relax. You just need a plan. Learn More
Getting Things Done
Need help with follow through? Never fear! I work with clients to assist with both planning and execution. Online marketing is all in the follow through, after all.
Free Consultation
I am happy to provide a free phone consultation to assess your current online marketing needs. So please don't hesitate to contact me to set up a call. Be warned! I might ask to look at your Web marketing and traffic data. Relax - I'm a professional.

Internet Marketing Consulting Is Not One Size Fits All

Twelve Thousand, LLC is an independent online marketing company specializing in online traffic and lead generation for small to mid-sized businesses. Internet marketing can level the playing field between the big and the small. Big budgets and big brands don't necessarily have an advantage over smaller companies with limited budgets. However, the online audience is fragmented. There are many ways to reach people, but authenticity counts. It can be very overwhelming which is where I come in.